Day Spa Offering Eastern Medicine Practices

At Zen Reflexology of Scottsdale, we are passionate about promoting health through client-focused massage services.

Whether you need a quick 30 minute massage to relieve the tension of a busy day, a relaxing 90 minute session to balance your mind and body, or a solution to chronic pain, our therapists are here for you. Working with new and traditional massage and reflexology techniques, Zen Reflexology can help you on your path to greater health, happiness, productivity and creativity.

We believe people from all walks of life can achieve health and wellness, and that for many, our services can be a part of that journey. Our sessions are carried out in a warm, tranquil environment where you can relax and focus on your self and your well being. Our experienced, caring therapists can help you learn how to release tension and begin to trust your body.

Zen Reflexology offers a full menu of massage services, including hot stone, deep tissue, tui na and facial massage. We specialize in reflexology, a practice that promotes whole body wellness by massaging the hands and feet. Our goal in each session is to provide a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. Many of our techniques can provide immediate short-term relief of pain. After a few sessions, any chronic pain you are feeling may begin to decrease long-term as well. Massage can also help increase your flexibility, and many of our patients leave their sessions with a greater sense of awareness and vitality.